Based on the introduction and operation longtime JSC Architecture and waves Vietnam Investment JSC Bigland, to May 7/2016, council shareholder JSC Vietnam Architecture and Corporate Waves Bigland shares Investment Group decided to establish the scope of activities SM nationwide with features such as: Investment in the real estate business; setting up investment projects, financial investments; M & A business, design and construction investment.
The company is the focus of a large team of professors, masters, engineers, architects and lawyers have much to contribute to the resolution of legal issues, science, engineering and technology in all the areas of investment consulting, construction, construction, construction material suppliers. With a team of over 100 enthusiastic employees always satisfy all the most demanding customers. SM GROUP focuses on elements of its service quality and increasingly better business team and reinforce its strong financial capacity.
Trade name: SM GROUP
Names written in a foreign language: SM GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY
Abbreviation: SM GROUP
Corporate Headquarters: resettlement area on Nguyen Van Linh, Group 12, Phuc Dong Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Phone: 0436525799
Website: http://www.smgroup.vn
Email: admin@smgroup.vn
Business Registration License No. 0107522182 by Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi for the first time the date 07/29/2016.
Capital: 100 billion VND.
* Human Resources:
For SM GROUP, human resources are valuable assets; including professional team, experienced staff in the field of investment, real estate business, design consultant construction, legal consultant. We always focus on training human resources in depth; professional working environment to help officials and employees promote their maximum ability. n the past time, we have participated in setting up investment projects, investment consultancy, design, construction and construction of many important projects and constructions. The works undertaken by our Group always ensure quality, completed on schedule and are always highly appreciated by the Investor and partners.


* Capital and property:
Focus development resources and assets in terms of size and quality – one of the factors showing business stature.
Brand value:
The prestige and reputation are the leading value brand that SM GROUP has maintained and developed. SM GROUP desire to create a brand that represents the intellectual stature and pride Vietnam in the international arena.
* Capacity administrator:
For SM GROUP, governance goals first and most important is the ability of human administration. Besides operating capabilities, planning and management, administrators have both a right-hand man of business leaders, both friends of the intellectual center staff.
* Vision:
By investment strategy – sustainable development, the company strives to become the leading enterprises Vietnam in the field of real estate investment, investment advisory projects, designing, constructing, increasingly confirmed the position and reputation in the construction industry, and won the trust of customers at home and abroad.
* Mission:
SM GROUP hope will please customers with the motto:
“Prestige, quality and efficiency”
* Target: 
With its own ability and efforts, SM Group has been trying to rise up to become one of the strong units in the field of investment consultancy, architecture and increasingly asserting its position and prestige in the market. investment and construction field, gaining the trust of domestic and foreign customers. SM Group always tries to:
– Become a reputable investors with investment projects effectively, promoting economic development – social.
– Constantly improving quality innovative products – services.
– Management and efficient use of resources, reduce costs and risks, take advantage of any potential opportunities.
– Strengthening cooperation with partners at home and abroad to promote the potential and empowerment.
Contact Info
Address: 123 Street Lam Ha, Bo De Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi.
Phone: 043.6525799
Email: sm.songvietarc@gmail.com