SM GROUP has a team of young architect, creative, enthusiastic, have expertise in the field of surveying, consulting, design and construction works.

Tu Van Thiet Ke Xay Dung 1

 The company carries out activities architectural and engineering consulting related as:
1. Architectural design of buildings;
2. Design drainage construction works;
3. The design of civil structures, industrial;
4. Structural design public utility;
5. design construction planning;
6. Electronic System Design airport projects;
7. Supervise construction construction type;
8. Areas of Expertise supervision: installation of equipment, water supply and drainage technology;
9. Testing and technical analysis;
10. Research and experimental development of natural sciences and engineering;
11. Activity cleaning service homes, buildings and landscape.
Each project we design and construction of perfection: It has a very personal style and aesthetic to create satisfaction for investor complacency. At the same time offer solutions “Optimal – Impressive, Delicate and Handy”.
Typical projects we invest in the construction and design consultant:
– Design planning relic Tran Quoc Tuan monument;
– Design of detailed planning Yulin Dan Sinh Market – Long Bien – HN;
– Design Institute Dalat food crops;
– Design of irrigation canals EATIEU Dak Lak coffee farms;
– Design and planning details python dairy farm 1. Song Thu Dau;
– Design Factory Plastic Joint Stock Company Aviation APLACO;
– Project Design Consultants International hotels and amusement, entertainment Kim Thanh border gate in Lao Cai province;
– Design Consultancy Project Panama City resort, Nha Trang province
– Design and construction of the Villa Bodhi – Long Bien;
– Design renovate Rural Planning Institute;
– Detailed planning of the Resort’s wife – Hoi An – Quang Nam;
– Make Profile Design – The master plan gardens ground Yulin, North Long Bien Ngoc Thuy;
– Preparation of architectural plans, planning alternatives Long Bien District.