ảnh HY

ảnh HY

* Name of investment project: “VEHICLE AND SERVICE TRADING CENTER”

  1. Project location: Nhat Tan commune, Tien Lu district, Hung Yen province.

Project location:

– The North borders the local people’s houses;

– The East borders on the road connecting the two highways Hanoi – Gie Bridge in Ninh Binh

– The West borders on the regional farmland;

– The South borders on Road 358.

– The land is located near the road connecting Hanoi – Hai Phong highway 2, convenient for traffic.

  1. Project objectives

Construction and trading of bus stations and associated support services (Car maintenance and repair; Restaurants and mobile food services; Beverage service); Commercial services building for rent; warehouse services; leasing kiosks for sale contributes to the travel needs of the community, and also meets the entertainment and shopping needs of transit customers at bus stations and regional residents.

  1. Project scale:

– Land area used: 58,000 m2

– Bus terminal business: 500 lots of passenger cars (1,800,000 passengers / year)

– Restaurant food, drink and associated services: 1,200,000 (or passengers) / year

– Warehouse service: 5000 tons / year

– Car repair garage: 1,800 cars / year

– Commercial Center leasing area: 12,500 m2 / year

– Kiosks for sale: 28 kiosks

* The project “Car terminals and trade and service centers” is entirely in line with the national socio-economic development strategy, ensuring uniformity and consistency with sectoral and sectoral planning.

* The project is born to promote the highest potential and advantages of the locality; efficiently exploiting and using all resources to maintain high economic growth; promote industrialization and modernization; implementing concentrated and key investment in areas with advantages and high added value, contributing to promoting economic restructuring, improving the quality of growth and competitiveness of the economy.

* When the project is put into operation, it will contribute to meeting the demand for bus stations in Hung Yen city, avoiding overcrowding. In addition, the investment in the construction of the project “Bus station and trade center” in Nhat Tan commune, Tien Lu district, Hung Yen province will exploit the local abundant potential in a scientific way. study and reasonable; at the same time, promote socio-economic restructuring in accordance with the orientation objectives. The project will create favorable conditions for increasing local budget revenues, addressing many workers with regular, stable employment and more importantly ensuring quality output services and meeting demand. Back to the passenger stops of a large number of passenger routes in the area and surrounding areas, and meet the needs of entertainment, shopping … for local people around the area. projects as well as passenger traffic at the bus station./.


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