SM GROUP has a team of professional legal staff, legal knowledge and enthusiasm for work, listening and understanding customer requirements.

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SM GROUP has good relations with the competent authorities at all levels.
SM GROUP is committed to providing the best service to customers.
We made the following legal services:
– Consult with the provisions of the law to prevent legal risks and protect the legitimate interests of the parties in the transaction on the land such as: Buying and selling, transferring or donating for, Lease, Rent again, loan, inheritance, tax compliance, capital contribution;
– Consulting and legal inspection of the records of the land is legitimate or not to be involved in the land transactions.
– Advice and assistance in handling the disputes, complaints related to the land transactions. Customer representatives working with state agencies and courts at all levels in the process of settlement;
– Advice, support and implementation of procedures related to such transactions Housing: Prepare contract documents Housing; Notarized; Housing legalize; Change the purpose of land use; Pay taxes and fulfill other financial obligations towards the State;
– Investment Consulting Real Estate project, Please permit project, Transfer of real estate projects, investment policy Approved Permits Building, Zoning Adjustment;
– Consulting and drafting of transaction types, contracts relating to the land such as: Buying and selling, transferring or donating for, Lease, Sublease, Loan, Inheritance, tax compliance, capital contribution contracts business cooperation contracts, which contribute to dividing apartments, home sales contracts in the future, contract consulting services and exclusive distribution Real Estate;
– Counseling and legal assistance related to the problems of clearance, clearance and resettlement, the regime of the State of the investor for the subjects which cleared;
– Please permit all kinds related to real estate, such as the Housing Construction License, Application for Red Book, Red Book.
In addition to consulting services required by customers, SM GROUP also perform legal sponsor and provide regular consulting services to help businesses deal with problems that arise every day in line with the law, prevent and eliminate legal risks in business operations.
Unit members work in this field: Long Tam Attorney’s Office. Nhu Khue Attorney’s Office.