SM Group is preparing to implement the project of Mui Doi – Hon Doi

SM Group is preparing to implement the project of Mui Doi – Hon Doi

With the strategic vision of the Group, which always wants to bring to Vietnamese people in particular and international friends in general but the beautiful and pristine place of the country of Vietnam, SM Group has constantly sought for “new lands”. “to exploit. And in 2017, SM Group decided to choose Mui Doi – Hon Doi, in Khanh Hoa province as one of the places that SM Group will set foot.

The landscape here and the natural environment are pristine, fresh, like no footprints yet. The sky of blue is an immense, immense bowl. The naked eye can see in the depths of the sea tens of meters. Sporadically, a few fishing boats along the island and the sea corners add to the wild and charming beauty of an island sea.

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It has a very beautiful natural landscape with stone structures that have formed many colorful and colorful stone wonders, especially, Mui Doi is also the easternmost point and the place to receive the earliest sunrise of a new day. on the S-shaped strip of land


With the hope that visitors can have more access to the beautiful and poetic landmarks of Vietnam, bringing the beauty of Mui Doi – Hon Dau into tourism will contribute to enriching the island tourism. There are many potentials and attractions of Khanh Hoa. SM Group decided to invest in the Mui Ne – Hon Doi – Nha Trang Green Tourism Project with a total estimated investment of VND 3,000,000,000.

Mui Doi – Hon Doi promises to be an interesting and interesting attraction and attraction not only for Vietnamese people, but also for bringing the beautiful image of the Vietnamese people to international friends