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1 Provide products PlasmaMed – Device supports wound healing
Machine is a device PlasmaMed student-friendly cold plasma model by JSC Vietnam Plasma technology invented and produced, tested the physical features by the Institute of Physics – Academy of Science and Industry Vietnam technology and equipment Institute of Health, Ministry of Health. The machine is pre-clinical trials, clinical by:
+ Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences – Vietnam National University, Hanoi
+ HCMC University of Medicine Hospital
+ National Burn Institute Le Huu Trac.
Demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of cold plasma generator PlasmaMed in wound treatment.
Cold Plasma is safe and highly effective in sterilization and stimulate tissue regeneration. Therefore, it can be applied in the treatment of wounds, dermatological and aesthetic. Products are designed and manufactured in Vietnam, a made-in-Vietnam products world-class.
PlasmaMed® generator machine is low-temperature plasma at atmospheric pressure based on the principle “arc slider” .Phien this machine applies the treatment, assistance in healing injured as a complete system including the first high quality plasma ray, crankshaft, power, pedal control and air supply system includes two gas tanks Argon Med. PlasmaMed® easily be controlled in two modes: automatic and pulses through the screen …
Business is the first scientific research and development success Cold Plasma device khoa.Chung medical applications technology are committed to bring the world’s most modern public health service of the cost and duration of treatment Optimal.
2 Service Event
We offer services specializing industry.We Event I focused research to create differences in the advertising and marketing campaigns, branding your product for customers. With a young team, is trained with specializations: Marketing, Branding, Event … we guarantee their credibility by those creative product.
3 Services licensing records building
Our operating units specialized in the field of architectural design and building permit records, we received permission to do construction documents in accordance with regulations and the time that the government has set next ra.Thiet full of drawings and adjusted as prescribed until investors get a building permit.
Our unit received all required design, construction works in the country and building permit records in Hanoi.