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SM Group Joint Stock Company is a member of Vietnam Traffic Safety Association

On June 5, 2020, in Thanh Hoa City, SM Group Joint Stock Company received a decision to admit as a member of Vietnam Traffic Safety Association. Attending the ceremony, there were Mr. Nguyen Hong Truong […]
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Bigland Investment Joint Stock Company Company name: BIGLAND INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY Business code: 0104800882 Headquarters address: Số 68, ngõ 68, Ngọc Thụy street, tổ 12, Phường Ngọc Thuỵ, Long Biên District, Việt Nam Business […]
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Tải Xuống 400x400

Company leadership

As a Vietnamese businessman who has more than 15 years of experience in the market, seeing the long-term potentials and limitations of the real estate business in Vietnam, Mr. Vu Van Luat founded Xi SM […]
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Bat Dong San Tang

Real estate sales up 60.5%

According to MPI, in November 1977, there were nearly 11,000 newly established enterprises. The number of enterprises concentrates mainly on such industries as: wholesale; retail; repair, automobile and motorbike have 41,627 enterprises, accounting for 35.9%; […]
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Nha O Xa Hoi

It is recommended that the beneficiaries invest in the construction of preferential loans

The Ministry of Construction has just sent a letter to the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) to contribute the draft statement on the preferential lending rate framework for credit institutions to the social housing borrowers […]
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